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We haven't updated this blog for quite a while but due to our main website being under maintenance, we will be posting here (as well as on our other social media accounts) all news regarding our work.

Our website will be up again soon with new video and gallery, so please have patience!

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

INSIDE FLESH video screening offer


With over 20 years of achievements in creating video projects (video art, music video, vj, fashion film, art porn) and a lot of experience in workshops and academic lectures, we wanted to offer a review of INSIDE FLESH films, during which viewers will learn about the history, evolution and key works created under this project in 2007-2021. 

Issues such as how IF works on set and how it combines film genres such as road cinema, sci-fi and body horror with pornography will be discussed. 
Why did theater and performance artists start making pornographic films and where did the original narrative on the border of video art, music video and fashion film come from? 

At the end of the official part, we plan a Q + A panel.

Duration approx. 2 hours 

For contact and more info write to:

INSIDE FLESH is an audio-visual project founded in 2007 by members of the SUKA OFF artistic group: Piotr Węgrzyński and Sylvia Lajbig. 

IF was developed from the BlackFleshVideo project established by Węgrzyński in 2000. Its goal was to create camera performances and use video projections during performances as an alternative space-time. 

BlackFleshVideo's works have been presented at many art festivals and galleries, including MIX Brasil, International Video Art Festival in Argentina, 1st Nagano International Video Art Festival in Japan, Athens Video Art Festival in Greece, ARSPOLIS in Switzerland. 
The full list of presentations can be found at 

In 2007, two years after the moral scandal related to the SUKA OFF show in Warsaw and accusations of pornography on stage, the leaders of SUKA OFF launched the INSIDE FLESH project. 

In 2010 IF’s film “Carnal Fluidity” won the award for best feature film at Berlin Porn Film Festival. A year later, IF was part of the jury of the festival and presented a retrospective of theirs works. 

In 2014 IF started creating fashionporn in collaboration with various fashion designers, including Leonard Wong, Majesty Black, Creepy Yeha and others. 

They were the only Polish video makers to be presented on the SHOW STUDIO platform run by the legendary fashion photographer Nick Knight. In the same year, Nick Knight showed a selection of IF short videos for Nicola Formichetti's DIESEL fashion show in Venice. 

INSIDE FLESH has worked so far with fashion designers, musicians, performers and models in Europe, US and Asia. Many of IF's works are in private collections and galleries focusing on sexuality and the body.


Mając ponad 20-letni dorobek w realizacji projektów video (video art, teledysk, vj, fashion film, art porn) a także spore doświadczenie w prowadzeniu warsztatów i wykładów akademickich, chcieliśmy zaproponować przegląd filmów INSIDE FLESH, podczas którego widzowie poznają historię, ewolucję oraz kluczowe prace stworzone w ramach tego projektu w latach 2007-2021. 

Poruszone zostaną takie kwestie, jak sposób, w jaki IF pracuje na planie i jak łączy gatunki filmowe, takie jak np. kino drogi, s-f i body horror z pornografią. Dlaczego w ogóle artyści, zajmujący się teatrem i performance, zaczęli robić filmy pornograficzne i skąd wzięła się oryginalna narracja z pogranicza video art, teledysku i fashion film. 

Na zakończenie oficjalnej części przewidywany jest panel Q+A. 

Czas trwania ok. 2 h 

Zainteresowanych prosimy o kontakt mailowy:

INSIDE FLESH to projekt audio-wizualny założony w 2007 roku przez członków grupy artystycznej SUKA OFF: Piotra Węgrzyńskiego i Sylvię Lajbig. 

IF wykształcił się z projektu BlackFleshVideo powołanego przez Węgrzyńskiego w 2000 roku. Jego założeniem było wykonywanie performance'ów dokamerowych i używanie projekcji video w czasie spektakli i akcji performance jako alternatywnej czasoprzestrzeni. 

Prace BlackFleshVideo prezentowane były na wielu festiwalach sztuki i galeriach, min. MIX Brasil, International Video Art Festival w Argentynie, 1st Nagano International Video Art Festival w Japonii, Athens Video Art Festival w Grecji, ARSPOLIS w Szwajcarii. 
Pełną listę prezentacji znajdziecie na stronie 

W 2007 roku, 2 lata po skandalu obyczajowym związanym ze spektaklem SUKA OFF prezentowanym w Warszawie, obstrukcji środowiskowej i oskarżeniach o pornografię na scenie, liderzy SUKA OFF powołali projekt INSIDE FLESH. 

W 2010 roku film IF „Carnal Fluidity” zdobył nagrodę dla najlepszego filmu fabularnego na Berlin Porn Film Festival. Rok później IF zasiadło w jury festiwalu oraz zaprezentowało retrospektywę dotychczasowych prac. 

W 2014 roku IF zaczyna tworzyć #fashionporn we współpracy z różnymi projektantami mody, w tym z Leonardem Wongiem, Majesty Black, Creepy Yeha i innymi. Jako jedyni polscy twórcy video zostali zaprezentowani na platformie SHOW STUDIO, legendarnego fotografika mody Nicka Knighta. W tym samym roku Nick Knight prezentuje wybór krótkich wideoklipów IF podczas pokazu mody DIESEL Nicoli Formichetti w Wenecji. 

INSIDE FLESH współpracował do tej pory z projektantami mody, muzykami, performerami i modelkami w Europie, USA i Azji. Wiele z prac IF znajduje się w prywatnych kolekcjach i galeriach skupiających się na seksualności i ciele.

Sunday, August 1, 2021



For the first time, we are making IF video available for exclusive purchase. One copy only. 
NFT "WHITE CELL / loop" is a 25 seconds / 50 fps / 1920x1080 / MP4 / video loop with original soundtrack
It comes from the full version of the film WHITE CELL and is a certificate confirming the work's authenticity.
The collector gets access to download the video file containing the complete work (full 6'12'' WHITE CELL video with original soundtrack).

HERE is the link to the auction.

WHITE CELL is a 6-minute long video work (shot in the years 2016-18, edited in 2020-21) officially opening the BLACK LAB project. 
I assure you, this experimental prologue already shows the core of the whole (BLACK LAB movie). 

Characters enclosed in 4 cube walls, isolating themselves from the outside world, surrounded by multimedia, projecting into their selves images of bodily encounters. 
This is not an utopian vision of people addicted to social media and the internet, but rather a fetish concept of sexual relations based on images. BLACK LAB talks about possibilities, not limitations. 

I am aware that WHITE CELL will leave more questions than answers. Until I'm done with BLACK LAB (or the showcase part of it), you may not understand the whole concept. 

BLACK LAB is, as some people remember, a project that I have been working on for several years. Eventually it begins to piece together and I can finally say that I'm closer than further to the end of this project. 

For those who don't know the full story and still don't fully understand why it's different from our usual videos, here are some facts...
- a movie that will be aprox. 1 hour long (target format is HD 1280x720) 
- has a more classic / linear narrative 
- I explain in it who is who and where is the LAB / CELL space 
- a total of 6 people take part in the film (including Proxy Page and Kota Morgue)

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Saturday, May 23, 2020


Why this horrible SITE, some may ask...

Because I found nothing else in a similar formula.
Instagram tires me, I'm tired of continuous self-censorship, creating two or three versions of the same work.
Blogspot is sluggish and not good for fast posts as Tumblr used to be. Here I can make summaries and announcements available to everyone. However, I don't want to reveal too much. I don't like writing too much, as I mentioned many times. Only weak artists have to explain themselves and write instructions for their work.

As far as the IF website is concerned, nothing will change, this is our main gallery. Who wants to see only finished works, I invite you there.
The concept is not presented in the gallery. Of course, sketches may appear, but they are ordered. They are not loose notes.
At onlyfans, you'll find materials that may help you understand the creation process. I think that the name itself very well reflects (somewhat ironically) the sense of placing the given materials. Unpublished archives, unfinished sessions, clips, etc. will appear there.
Going to the gallery I would not like to see the process of creating all the works of a given artist. Watching many sketches, concept plans etc. would interfere with my reception of the works. It's better to separate them.

Currently there is a database of 600 photos from Tumblr archive sorted into cycles. You will also find a clip with a large portion of gifs and micro films that appeared on Tumblr.

From the latest news. We've been making a comic formula lately, and some video material was left behind. So, I decided to make a short video in one day. You will soon see the comic story in a British zine.

I will also refer to the money issue. For obvious reasons, we cannot perform right now as SUKA OFF. It will probably be the first year with no live performances (except the performance in February in London). Income from performances was part of our budget. Thanks to it, we were able to invest in more scenographically complex IF sessions and complete previous projects. As a result, work on DARK SKY got stuck. In the current conditions, we had to find an alternative, without taking actions not related to our work.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who supports us.


Saturday, December 28, 2019

HOLY LIQUIDS new photo story on IF website


A limited (10 copies) edition photo book has been added to our store.

The leitmotif of this set of 23 photos is the material that you can see in the last video posted on our website - DARK MATTER. Ii's interspersed with materials from CONNECTED and SKETCHES XXII sessions.

It is a post-industrial vision of physical encounters: workers, operators and victims of indefinite experiments.

Body fluids mix with synthetics that also leak out of the body, chemical contamination mixes with biological, creating unique plastic forms.

24 pages in high quality matte photo paper.
Size: 15cm x 15cm (6" x 6")
Matte hard cover and dust jacket.
Hand signed and numbered.

available HERE

Thursday, December 19, 2019


This year autumn has brought us a collaboration with a new, creative person. We have completed three sessions so far and I still have the impression that they were all tests, trials and fittings. There are simply so many possibilities that new solutions emerge after each session. 

We started with RE-animation. It is a project referring to our "ritual" concepts, such as the SILVER AGE cycle. If I were to draw an artificial historical line, the RE-animation action takes place hundreds of years before SILVER AGE, in the "ancient times". 

RE-animation presents the concept of man-made deity. The deity is created to seduce eye witnesses / viewers. Its architects use it directly for sexual rituals, creating new forms of pleasure. These rituals are not connected with any existing cults. The deity is reduced to the body, sexuality is an element of control. We have completed two sessions for this project - one as a sketch - which you can see in the photo gallery. The second strictly for the video (of course, the film will also include elements from the first session).

I can't imagine anyone other than BADMLK as the deity. 

The second project was MOLINIER SYNDROME. As in the case of our experiments regarding the work and life of Hans Bellmer, on which work has been ongoing for several years, also here it's just the beginning. This fall, three projects were created that directly related to Molinier's concepts - multiplication and exchange of sexes - on a visual level. Molinier used photographic techniques to create avatars, we decided to combine theater and film forms. 

In the film MOLINIER SYNDROME (POR/N/OISE 010), the character played by BADMLK becomes a living catalyst for compositions based on sexual positions. At the same time, the question arises who is real and who is the projection of erotic dreams? 

While in Bellmer's concepts, the partner / doll is only a subject, totally subordinate, in Molinier's concept, the woman has masculine element and the man - female. The man is not clearly represented as the creator. It is still a search for the perfect physical relationship that we repeatedly undertake.

On our website you can find a gallery from our latest session continuing this topic, connected directly with the beginning of the movie.

Post scriptum will refer only to our live art activities as SUKA OFF. 

After many years, we finally found someone who has restored our faith in the extended, more complex activities of SUKA OFF. The reality is extremely difficult, performative activities that are not cheerful entertainment or, on the other hand, do not undertake social problems, are not welcome in the club and gallery space. Sexuality devoid of political tinge (LGBT problems, etc.) is not interesting for groups called "libertarian". We will never participate in spreading ideological propaganda of specific groups, regardless of their worldview. I am writing about it referring to the previous entry. 

Performances in Athens, considering logistical difficulties, were a success. I can write that, considering all my previous fears.

The RE-animation performance we showed derives directly from our activities within IF. This is probably the first such case. Usually it's the other way around.

The second performance combining live action with a multimedia installation that we also presented in Athens was based on the aforementioned MOLINIER SYNDROME. It was a sketch for a larger, more elaborate form.

Friday, October 25, 2019


The footage for this short film has been on my hard drive for several years. I did not think I would come back to it, at least not now. I just thought that nothing could be done about it. Part of the material was unusable due to the complete technical improvisation on the set. 
In 2015, when I was looking through the material, I thought it was bad, both in terms of image quality and incomplete narrative. However, the evolution of the POR/N/OISE project changed my perception to "bad" materials. 
Shooting with cheap cameras in red light is a real drama. Everything is completely burned out. In addition, the mesh forming the cage space caused constant sharpness problems. The floor was made of plexiglass, so any attempts at extra lighting added to this problem. Everything was wrong, and in fact it looked great. 
I think that this space is one of the best to create durational performance in a club space. So we decided to shoot RED ROOM as a performance for camera. Whatever will be, will be. Everything took maybe an hour. 

But the main stimulus for why I came back to this material was the fact that the club where we filmed ends its activities this year. We have a great fondness for it and for the person who founded it. As SUKA OFF we've been coming back there every year. It was one of the best organized clubs with a fantastic audience. That's why I said, let's close this story for good. Also in the context of the work of INSIDE FLESH.

Sunday, August 18, 2019