Saturday, May 23, 2020


Why this horrible SITE, some may ask...

Because I found nothing else in a similar formula.
Instagram tires me, I'm tired of continuous self-censorship, creating two or three versions of the same work.
Blogspot is sluggish and not good for fast posts as Tumblr used to be. Here I can make summaries and announcements available to everyone. However, I don't want to reveal too much. I don't like writing too much, as I mentioned many times. Only weak artists have to explain themselves and write instructions for their work.

As far as the IF website is concerned, nothing will change, this is our main gallery. Who wants to see only finished works, I invite you there.
The concept is not presented in the gallery. Of course, sketches may appear, but they are ordered. They are not loose notes.
At onlyfans, you'll find materials that may help you understand the creation process. I think that the name itself very well reflects (somewhat ironically) the sense of placing the given materials. Unpublished archives, unfinished sessions, clips, etc. will appear there.
Going to the gallery I would not like to see the process of creating all the works of a given artist. Watching many sketches, concept plans etc. would interfere with my reception of the works. It's better to separate them.

Currently there is a database of 600 photos from Tumblr archive sorted into cycles. You will also find a clip with a large portion of gifs and micro films that appeared on Tumblr.

From the latest news. We've been making a comic formula lately, and some video material was left behind. So, I decided to make a short video in one day. You will soon see the comic story in a British zine.

I will also refer to the money issue. For obvious reasons, we cannot perform right now as SUKA OFF. It will probably be the first year with no live performances (except the performance in February in London). Income from performances was part of our budget. Thanks to it, we were able to invest in more scenographically complex IF sessions and complete previous projects. As a result, work on DARK SKY got stuck. In the current conditions, we had to find an alternative, without taking actions not related to our work.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who supports us.