Sunday, August 1, 2021



For the first time, we are making IF video available for exclusive purchase. One copy only. 
NFT "WHITE CELL / loop" is a 25 seconds / 50 fps / 1920x1080 / MP4 / video loop with original soundtrack
It comes from the full version of the film WHITE CELL and is a certificate confirming the work's authenticity.
The collector gets access to download the video file containing the complete work (full 6'12'' WHITE CELL video with original soundtrack).

HERE is the link to the auction.

WHITE CELL is a 6-minute long video work (shot in the years 2016-18, edited in 2020-21) officially opening the BLACK LAB project. 
I assure you, this experimental prologue already shows the core of the whole (BLACK LAB movie). 

Characters enclosed in 4 cube walls, isolating themselves from the outside world, surrounded by multimedia, projecting into their selves images of bodily encounters. 
This is not an utopian vision of people addicted to social media and the internet, but rather a fetish concept of sexual relations based on images. BLACK LAB talks about possibilities, not limitations. 

I am aware that WHITE CELL will leave more questions than answers. Until I'm done with BLACK LAB (or the showcase part of it), you may not understand the whole concept. 

BLACK LAB is, as some people remember, a project that I have been working on for several years. Eventually it begins to piece together and I can finally say that I'm closer than further to the end of this project. 

For those who don't know the full story and still don't fully understand why it's different from our usual videos, here are some facts...
- a movie that will be aprox. 1 hour long (target format is HD 1280x720) 
- has a more classic / linear narrative 
- I explain in it who is who and where is the LAB / CELL space 
- a total of 6 people take part in the film (including Proxy Page and Kota Morgue)