Friday, October 25, 2019


The footage for this short film has been on my hard drive for several years. I did not think I would come back to it, at least not now. I just thought that nothing could be done about it. Part of the material was unusable due to the complete technical improvisation on the set. 
In 2015, when I was looking through the material, I thought it was bad, both in terms of image quality and incomplete narrative. However, the evolution of the POR/N/OISE project changed my perception to "bad" materials. 
Shooting with cheap cameras in red light is a real drama. Everything is completely burned out. In addition, the mesh forming the cage space caused constant sharpness problems. The floor was made of plexiglass, so any attempts at extra lighting added to this problem. Everything was wrong, and in fact it looked great. 
I think that this space is one of the best to create durational performance in a club space. So we decided to shoot RED ROOM as a performance for camera. Whatever will be, will be. Everything took maybe an hour. 

But the main stimulus for why I came back to this material was the fact that the club where we filmed ends its activities this year. We have a great fondness for it and for the person who founded it. As SUKA OFF we've been coming back there every year. It was one of the best organized clubs with a fantastic audience. That's why I said, let's close this story for good. Also in the context of the work of INSIDE FLESH.