Thursday, December 19, 2019


This year autumn has brought us a collaboration with a new, creative person. We have completed three sessions so far and I still have the impression that they were all tests, trials and fittings. There are simply so many possibilities that new solutions emerge after each session. 

We started with RE-animation. It is a project referring to our "ritual" concepts, such as the SILVER AGE cycle. If I were to draw an artificial historical line, the RE-animation action takes place hundreds of years before SILVER AGE, in the "ancient times". 

RE-animation presents the concept of man-made deity. The deity is created to seduce eye witnesses / viewers. Its architects use it directly for sexual rituals, creating new forms of pleasure. These rituals are not connected with any existing cults. The deity is reduced to the body, sexuality is an element of control. We have completed two sessions for this project - one as a sketch - which you can see in the photo gallery. The second strictly for the video (of course, the film will also include elements from the first session).

I can't imagine anyone other than BADMLK as the deity. 

The second project was MOLINIER SYNDROME. As in the case of our experiments regarding the work and life of Hans Bellmer, on which work has been ongoing for several years, also here it's just the beginning. This fall, three projects were created that directly related to Molinier's concepts - multiplication and exchange of sexes - on a visual level. Molinier used photographic techniques to create avatars, we decided to combine theater and film forms. 

In the film MOLINIER SYNDROME (POR/N/OISE 010), the character played by BADMLK becomes a living catalyst for compositions based on sexual positions. At the same time, the question arises who is real and who is the projection of erotic dreams? 

While in Bellmer's concepts, the partner / doll is only a subject, totally subordinate, in Molinier's concept, the woman has masculine element and the man - female. The man is not clearly represented as the creator. It is still a search for the perfect physical relationship that we repeatedly undertake.

On our website you can find a gallery from our latest session continuing this topic, connected directly with the beginning of the movie.

Post scriptum will refer only to our live art activities as SUKA OFF. 

After many years, we finally found someone who has restored our faith in the extended, more complex activities of SUKA OFF. The reality is extremely difficult, performative activities that are not cheerful entertainment or, on the other hand, do not undertake social problems, are not welcome in the club and gallery space. Sexuality devoid of political tinge (LGBT problems, etc.) is not interesting for groups called "libertarian". We will never participate in spreading ideological propaganda of specific groups, regardless of their worldview. I am writing about it referring to the previous entry. 

Performances in Athens, considering logistical difficulties, were a success. I can write that, considering all my previous fears.

The RE-animation performance we showed derives directly from our activities within IF. This is probably the first such case. Usually it's the other way around.

The second performance combining live action with a multimedia installation that we also presented in Athens was based on the aforementioned MOLINIER SYNDROME. It was a sketch for a larger, more elaborate form.