Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SILVER AGE / part I online

Today we put on our website a new video work which opens the triptych SILVER AGE. We combine in it elements referring to Baroque painting, heavily transformed by our aesthetic interests. Once again we mix medical fetish with fashion and this time also with alchemical symbolism.

The first part is entitled ADORATION OF THE BLIND QUEEN. As in the symbolism of sacred art the characters and relationships between them are repeated.

Each part will be based on the construction of the altar composition. In the first part it appears only in the form of scenographic layout - the central platform.
In the second part this concept will be expanded. At this point we are still making additional photos and the final design is not yet fixed. You can see some fragments in our photo gallery in the series titled ADORATION.
In the third part, the video and action will be divided into triptychs. Photos for this part have been completed, the action is based on the ritual of adoration of the central character played by SKNO1.

In our print store you can now order large photo formats from the first part of the triptych.