Thursday, March 30, 2017

ΔΉΛΟΣ - new fashion film for Leonard Wong

Filmed earlier this month in Tokyo, the new fashion film for Leonard Wong had its premiere at Amazon FW Tokyo 2017 A/W


Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Good news for all of you who would like to own an IF print.
You can buy one now in our online store.
There are 12 photos to choose from now, but we'll be adding more soon.

If you're interested in a photo not listed in our store, you can contact us and we'll see if we can print it for you ;)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

"La Dernière leçon" - short movie for collector.

If you had a look at our Patreon page you may have wondered what the $150 option actually meant. It says that each month we'll make an exclusive 5 min. video only for you and we'll send them to you as an exclusive, signed 1/1 edition DVD.

Well, we've just finished the first video for our Patron and we'd like to share with you our experience. To be honest, when we started Patreon this option was added as a kind of experiment (let's see what happens). We weren't expecting or hoping for anything.

And then we got the order. Our Patron was very specific about his ideas. He sent a pretty much full script with notes about the look of each character and location. It was quite a challenge, but as the story was appealing to us, we didn't need much time to translate our Patron's ideas into our vision. We shot the video at our friend's apartament and we asked our long time friend and one of the very first IF collaborators/actresses to play the female part. Because we prepared a storyboard before, the shoot was super fast. After few days of editing (the soundtrack was also exclusively made for this video), we sent our Patron the finished video. First as a video file, but soon he will also receive an exclusive, signed 1/1 edition DVD with the video and photo gallery. The video won't be published anywhere. It's for our Patron's eyes only. With you we can share the stills, to give you a taste what we can do with that budget.

You've probably never thought that you could own an IF video made just for you. An exclusive artwork. Not for that price. But I think we've proven once again that good quality films (no matter what genre) don't necessarily require big budgets and a long list of people involved.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


We've just added not one, but two new galleries (together almost 160 photos) on our website. These are stills from an upcoming video POLLUTION. There should be one more gallery added in a couple of days, before we leave again for Japan.

Of course as always we'll do our best to spoil you with some nice pictures from Tokyo on our Tumblr. But the main purpose of our trip is a new fashion video mixing Greek mythology with sci-fi. Can't tell you more right now, but it's really exciting.

As you may have noticed, there's an $150 option for our Patrons and we're just finishing the first video made exclusively for one of our supporters. It's based on his ideas (story, characters, costumes...), but made 100% in our aesthetics. Because it's an exclusive work only for this person to see, we can't publish the video anywhere. But we'll share some photos to give you a taste of what we can do for you ;)

Probably the most exciting thing about this video is that we renewed our collaboration with the star of CARNAL FLUIDITY - BvK (FKA Bitch von Kicz). I know some of you here really like her, so I'm happy to announce that she"ll return in the next part of POSSESSION series, which we'll probably share with you soon (some pics are already on Tumblr).

Saturday, February 4, 2017

NEGATIVE SPACE - new short video online!

Once again we collaborated with the talented Melissa Tofton, who let us use her amazing leather pieces.

Friday, December 30, 2016

UNCTUOUS - video online!

A couple of months ago we've published our music video for Berlin based techno project UNCTO. The uncensored version is available to our supporters on IF website.
But the censored version is now available on YouTube for everyone to see.

Monday, December 26, 2016

NEW video and gallery online!

When we were going to Venice for the performance art festival a couple of weeks ago, we weren’t planning to shoot a film. We assumed that we’d focus on a photo session in the hotel.

I am a fetishist of different kinds of masks and I could not let go of this opportunity. Using these rather kitschy masks made sense only in Venice.

Venice on the one hand offers amazing locations, but on the other hand makes is extremely difficult to find some place deserted. I am writing here from the position of someone with a budget close to zero and poor technical support. Night shoots do not make is any easier. You always have to look for CCTV systems and people suddenly appear from behind a corner. Using the headlight also attracts too much attention. Also the bitter cold December night did not offer sufficient comfort.

But we managed to get a couple of great shots, especially in the hotel room and I decided to create a short video, using some old materials (from 2011), which due to the poor quality could not be used alone.

The experimental form fits the narrative that I’ve created in the cycle POR / N / OISE and can provide a pretext for a bigger project in the future.