Monday, February 26, 2018

BLACK ROOM II - new video online

We have just published another part of the BLACK ROOM cycle.

This series is made in the convention of por/n/oise (a lot of vhs glitch and music synchronized with it). The action takes place each time in the same space of the black room.

The Spider / dominator flays his victim in a recurring cycle. Over time the original process of destruction and domination turns out to be a preparation for the next session. The history creates a mythological narrative about endless work and a recurring cycle of changes.

The narrative sketch for this film can be found in the photo gallery.

Monday, February 5, 2018


Last year in December, INSIDE FLESH has exhibited 4 photographs at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo, among artist like Hans Bellmer. More details about the exhibition HERE.

The exact prints that were exhibited there, are now on sale in our store, so there's only 1 of each. They are in immaculate condition and signed. The format is 40cm x 40cm (16" x 16").

You can buy them in our STORE.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

PATIENT ZERO / full video now online !

I’ve just finished editing my new film PATIENT ZERO.

The history of its formation, however, is very long. 

I took the first photos in 2015, two subsequent sessions in intervals of a few months in 2016. Ultimately, I planned to make two separate films. I kept finding/receiving new props and costumes. First the leather harness by Rapture of Senses, then the Crepyyeha underwear. On the one hand, they became a challenge to find an interesting project in which they could be used. On the other hand, they perfectly complemented our collection of orthoses and corsets. For a year, however, there were too many projects and commitments to return to work on this film.

In total, the movie consists of three sequences recorded at different times. There is no classic, linear narrative. Formally, it resembles works from the POSSESSIONS cycle.

Due to the use of old medical items, the film itself aesthetically refers to documentary records made during medical experiments. It's a kind of loose notebook, during which the characters of patients and nurses become fluid.

I"m returning to the concept of a narrative loop, but this applies only to the situation the characters are being subjected to, not to the whole story.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year 2017 in numbers.

49 new INSIDE FLESH projects (41 published photo sets, 1 fashion film + visuals for
a fashion show, 6 short films, 45 minutes of original film materials for a live concert).

In addition, three archival INSIDE FLESH videos have been published.
There were 6 performances (as SUKA OFF).
IF's works have been presented at two collective exhibitions.
Unfortunately, some of the projects planned to be finished this year, had to be moved to the next one.
A big thank you to the long list of people from around the world who supported us this year, took part in our projects and helped us present them.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


It's been a while since we released our last DVD and we really feel it's time for a new one.

We’d like it to be SILVER AGE – the triptych we are currently working on.
Two of its parts are already on our website. The last one is in post-production.
You can read more about the project HERE.

What’s slowing us down is our limited budget. You can help us by supporting IF via Patreon.
We've just set a finacial goal to complete this project.

If you reach our goal on Patreon, we will finish the triptych and publish it on a DVD together with full photo galleries from all SILVER AGE sessions.
Apart from a regular edition, there will be also a limited (30 copies) “Silver Edition” in a metal box with 3 signed photos (1 from each part).


Tuesday, October 24, 2017


We present a photobook consisting of 20 photos from the PUPPENHAUS session.
The works were made in 2016 in Katowice, the city where we work and where Hans Bellmer
(who is the direct inspiration for this project) was born.
PUPPENHAUS photo series was presented in a solo exhibition in 2016 at ZIKKAI Bar in Tokyo.

Pictures in 15.1 "x 15.1" / 13 x 13 cm format printed on EPSON SURELAB PRO S PAPER LUSTER (SEMIMATTE). Limited edition of 10 pieces. Signed by the author.

You can purchase your copy of PUPPENHAUS BOX in IF store.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

SILVER AGE / part III online

You can find on IF website the last part of the SILVER AGE cycle.

You can read about the whole project in an earlier post. In our photo gallery there will soon be more photographic concept sketches related to this series, with invited guests.
The sacred theme itself will eventually be closed this year.
We continue exploring it in the HOLY LUST session, where more direct references to sacredness are blending with elements of S&M aesthetics.

THE FINAL ADORATION production work (stage design, costumes, camera setting, editing, post production, music) was done by one person. After the shooting, the post-production process took about 1 month.
Performing are: Sarah Kershaw and Sylvia L.

You can support and accelerate the production of new IF works while also gaining access to the INSIDE FLESH video and photo database via IF Patreon.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DOLL RECONSTRUCTION / full video now online !

We've decided to publish on IF website our video from 2012. You can read about the whole project HERE.
DOLL RECONSTRUCTION was presented, among other events, at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2012.

Friday, June 23, 2017

ROOM 622 now online

There's a new video on IF website.
ROOM 622 is the next part of the cycle shot in different hotels. This time Katowice in Poland.
It was filmed some time ago, but after the first part of ADORATION we needed to return to our favorite aesthetics: dirt and glitch.
Due to the industrial roots of the region in which Katowice is located, it's one of the darkest parts of the "ROOMS" cycle created so far.

Excerpts of the video's soundtrack.

Sunday, June 18, 2017