Friday, October 25, 2019


The footage for this short film has been on my hard drive for several years. I did not think I would come back to it, at least not now. I just thought that nothing could be done about it. Part of the material was unusable due to the complete technical improvisation on the set. 
In 2015, when I was looking through the material, I thought it was bad, both in terms of image quality and incomplete narrative. However, the evolution of the POR/N/OISE project changed my perception to "bad" materials. 
Shooting with cheap cameras in red light is a real drama. Everything is completely burned out. In addition, the mesh forming the cage space caused constant sharpness problems. The floor was made of plexiglass, so any attempts at extra lighting added to this problem. Everything was wrong, and in fact it looked great. 
I think that this space is one of the best to create durational performance in a club space. So we decided to shoot RED ROOM as a performance for camera. Whatever will be, will be. Everything took maybe an hour. 

But the main stimulus for why I came back to this material was the fact that the club where we filmed ends its activities this year. We have a great fondness for it and for the person who founded it. As SUKA OFF we've been coming back there every year. It was one of the best organized clubs with a fantastic audience. That's why I said, let's close this story for good. Also in the context of the work of INSIDE FLESH.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

INSECTS / full video now online

In 2017 we returned to New York. In addition to our live performances as SUKA OFF, we’ve done several video works again (short POR/N/OISE 07 you could watch earlier). 

Why so late? I return to the archive materials on the basis of refreshed ideas (suddenly I come across a great editing concept or additional materials) and available time. So if I mention on the occasion of an IF session that a film will follow, sooner or later it will happen. 

You could see sketches for this film last year in a photo gallery. 

In narrative, the film deviates significantly from our previous works. It is more a record of improvisations on a specific concept. Even more than our previous work it resembles the performance for camera formula. The space of an abandoned house that we were given to use became a scene of physical close-ups of the characters. Conceptually, it is a minimalist body horror. The form is also more static, editing focuses more on a single frame rather than dynamically arranged images. 

The set was quite Urbex style. Two cameras on a tripod, no preview. Complete lack of artificial lighting, reflex panels, etc. Total guerrilla. 

Certainly the main inspiration was the city itself. Inspiration may not necessarily result from positive experiences. That was the case here. We realized INSECTS at the end of our stay in the USA. New York is full of insects. Literally. We've been to many big cities, but we haven't seen so many cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, etc. anywhere else. I don't want it to sound pejorative, but this city is a huge garbage can. Finding out all metaphors is most desirable. 

As during our previous stay when we made the movie 6 FLOORS (in 2014), we invited the New York artist MAIDENFED again. Working and meeting her always outshines all the negative sides of this city.

Sunday, March 31, 2019


This collaboration was a great unknown. I think for both sides. Excitement mixed with uncertainty. 

Today I can write that with nobody so far we have done so many technically complex projects in such a short time. I didn’t have such a positive feeling of total fatigue for very long time. Three large projects were created, with one-day breaks during which we changed the set design, discussed subsequent projects and did some extra sessions with HERLOVELYGORE and formal experiments.

The first one, with a working title BROADCASTING BOX, is a return to the BLACK LAB universe mentioned in the previous post. This time, however, I decided to shut everything down in the form of about 20/30 minutes. For sure it will be the first IF movie in which the human voice will appear. I know that the theme of cam models has recently been picked up in mainstream horror films, but I have not seen the theme of body horror there. The whole thing was based only on the technological platform that was becoming a source of danger. I want to create something different, unreal. Imagine that the cam models system is centralized (eg by the state or one corporation) and operates on the principle of monitoring. The transmissions are controlled and censored in real time, and the people working in them eventually become machines connected to such a network. 

I want to finish the movie as soon as possible. End of May hopefully. 

The second, WHITE RITUAL is a form based on the narrative you know, for example, from POSSESSION or METAMORPHOSIS. First we will publish the photo story. The film will follow. 

The third project is BLACK ROOM III. The last part of the cycle in which we reveal who the man in the mask is. This part will have an annex in the form of a material shot 100% with a VHS camera.

You can see it today on our website. The main movie will probably appear in summer. I also plan to make a zine with all 3 parts of BLACK ROOM in the form of photo stories. 

I also returned to 2D and 3D scanning. I just had to do it with the amazing body of RottenMorgue. A few brutal scans have been created, which will be available in the form of prints. 

We have also taken many instaxes that will appear regularly in our store.

If you want their scans extended to A4 size (in high quality), go to the ROTTENMORGUE website and support her.

After 3 months... (again)

Time passes so quickly. The accumulation of new projects and ideas completely lost us in the time. 

I always thought that it's better to spend time creating new images than words. This blog is not used to record "everyday" reflections and events, but rather to chronologically organize the process of creating our works. Therefore, such time distances. 

Let's summarize what's new. I'll start with photo stories. In January, according to our annual tradition, we published photos from our “NYE party”. Believe it or not, we do it exactly on New Year's Eve. That's our tradition and I can not imagine doing it at any other time. So it is a pleasant and useful formula.

Due to the fact that I finally finished the battle lasting almost a year (the amount of rotoscoping crushed me for months) with the fashion video for Leonard Wong, I am coming back with more and more impetus to everything that I had to put aside. This means industrial, body horror, cyber porn and the entire VHS aesthetics for which I have been collecting equipment and ideas for the last year. 

The trailer for the 7 minute long film MULTIVERSE which we shot in Shanghai you can see below. Unfortunately, I am unable to determine when and where the presentation of the whole will take place. It depends on Leonard Wong.

In January we published the first gallery with the use of black substance. I think that it’s more interesting visually and offers more possibilities than the slime that we used many times, years ago. 

In February we published new part of the POR/N/OISE cycle. SPECIAL UNIT opens this year's movie formula that I could describe as a mixture of cyber porn and body horror. This aesthetics gives me the most pleasure. It determined me enough that I can finally return to the BLACK LAB project. The idea was to divide this gigantic material into parts and create a narrative similar to a series.
From our first trip to Italy this year, we brought three materials. The first has already been published in the gallery. RED VISITOR is a classic example of our hotel stories. In a similar form (but with a different ending) you will soon get to see RED VISITOR II.

The third material is a sketch. Due to the simplicity of the space, we worked with the typical hotel room layout and daylight lighting. So it’s just basically about two naked lovers having sex. It's more an exercise in composition. The gallery will also be released in the coming months.

Finally few words about the strange photo story titled CLIENT. In fact, it was a shooting test of characters intended to appear in a film, which is created at the request of a private collector. Unfortunately, at the moment I can’t write anything more about it.

Thursday, December 13, 2018


And so I returned to the POSSESSION cycle. The pessimistic mood of the end of the year was probably the main reason for it. 
Pictures for this film were shot in 2016 and since then the flood of subsequent projects has not allowed me to finish this part. I guess until the end, I had no idea what to do with the extremely dark video footage. 
The plot has slightly changed since the original concept. I didn't assume that the characters in the final scene would... but you better just see it for yourself. 
We were shooting in completely partisan conditions, almost without any photographic light and with really bad equipment. The strength of this film are the actors, the interior, great costumes (in the order of appearance: black leather dress by Melissa Tofton, Aliza long top by Gelareh and black print dress by ODIO) and post-production. 
The film is avaiable now on our website.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

THE END... but only for TUMBLR

After almost 9 years and 2990 posts, we now stop publishing our work on Tumblr.

With the increasing commercialization and control of the internet, it must have finally happened. 

The only thing I regret is the fact that at the moment there is no similar platform where at the same time you could find something interesting in the subject of design, fashion, architecture, art, history, photography and erotica. Someone who thought that Tumblr was a portal full of pornography is just an ignorant, manipulated by the media. 

Unfortunately, attempts to stop Verizon from introducing restrictions in my opinion won’t do anything. Nothing can stop the process of user’s emigration. The decomposition process can not be reversed. I will also refer to various theories regarding such a move from the company. 

In my opinion, Verizon, who has already "killed" Flickr, is testing some new, very aggressive codes that search for content (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was for Apple). Next target will be Twitter. That's why I answer in advance to all who ask me why not Twitter. NO! I do not intend to open an account on Twitter, because the same thing will happen there too. 

As you can see, the new search system is badly underdeveloped. The losses would be incomparably greater for the owner of this platform (Twitter). Verizon after tests on the Tumblr, will probably sell this technology to Apple, which will then be able to require restrictions in publishing content from everyone in Apple store. I do not intend to appear on PornHub. I don’t see anything inspiring there, and I have mixed feelings about their aggressive politics based solely on quantity and not quality. 

So here’s where you can find us now: 
The archival works are partially transferred to Fetlife (there are still many interesting artists there - from photography to bondage) and ELLO, which is highly underestimated, and which due to the lack of restrictions on nudity and the fact that it combines many arts seems to me the most attractive platform right now . 
Censored works and news will appear on Instagram and Facebook. Here, only longer texts and summaries of more extensive projects. Of course, we still count on your support through Patreon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

After 3 month...

It's been 3 months since the last post, but I just do not have the time to write. Here’s a summary of the last three months. I needed a moment of breath after a continuous, long-term process: concept-shooting-editing-music. I got to the point when I felt like having a shortness of breath.

I must also mention that it took some time to prepare two new performances by SUKA OFF (WHITE ROOM + DEEP RED remix and tranSfera7), but here is not the place for it.

We have focused more on testing new formal and narrative solutions. As I mentioned in my earlier post, we return to develop glitch techniques in a collision with the body.
There were some not-so-successful tests with a narrative 2D scan, more tests are needed. Unfortunately it’s impossible to do with only two people on set (the same 3D scan). 
We got stuck for now, the human factor is unfortunately irreplaceable.

On the other hand, the technical development of our video equipment finally allowed us to test simultaneous recording using 4 cctv cameras (6 in total).

You will see the final effects in late autumn.

Two IF movies were created. One of them, BLACKOUT,  you can see on IF website (trailer is in the SAMPLES section). The second one, RECYCLER, is a work ordered by our collector and just like the movie "La Derniere Lecon" the fate of its public presentation lies in the collector’s hands.

We have also shot material for our next film LAST PARTY, referring to our old production WHITE FLESH in which the action takes place in a techno club.

On the website you will also find 7 new galleries. Sylvia presents her great solo cycle SKETCHES (XX, XXI), which from a classical performative action became a sexual costume laboratory. The lighter form of it you can find on her personal project page HERLOVELYGORE.

DEEP BLUE I / II is a draft for a project I wrote about earlier (4 cameras, industrial) and which will also aesthetically refer to what you have seen in the BLUE SUNSHINE session, i.e. the admixture of cyberpunk elements.

BLACK OBJECT is a simple story and work with a minimalist form. The images are stills from our next film for a collector.

After the BLACK OBJECT session, we've done a stylistically similar, but more extensive, BLACK CHAMBER session, from which the gallery will be released later this month.

DIRTY CITY and THE WITCH were created during our July stay in Berlin thanks to the support of CYBERESQUE.

Ultimately, these two sessions will be combined in a rather backbreaking way in one film.   

But back to the movies.

BLACKOUT is a bit of a return to the road movie narrative that appeared in our FLOORS series. This time we go down, together with the heroine (in this role again the amazing Delta Venus). We are entering the area of something that is dirty and unpleasant (at first glance). In the emptiness of darkness, however, the some form of matter lurks. Darkness sharpens all senses, we feel it more intensely. That's why we’ve decided to show something more "dirty", a scene of anal sex and violence. Formally it refers to por/n/oise and the BLACK ROOM cycle. Darkness in BLACKOUT penetrates every corner of the body and does not cause a sense of comfort. Also for the viewer. It may sound trivial, but is not fear of darkness trivial?

Basement spaces have already appeared earlier (old work WHITE BLOOD, one of the parts of POSSESSION, PUPPENHAUS photo cycle). It would be interesting to make something longer, for example, wandering around the next cellar cells. Unfortunately the conditions prevailing in these spaces have strongly affected our already worn-out equipment.

RECYCLER is a short story in post-apo aesthetics that we always wanted to shoot (as fans of gas masks). Everytime we saw an interesting post-industrial space, it seemed too infantile to shoot sex in the surrounding of old pipes, machines and dust, without some overarching history.

In the end, we found an interesting place that allowed us to create a narrative closer to the urban vision of post-apo than to the classic picture of the decaying industry. Of course, permanent aesthetic elements remain unchanged.

Information on external projects.

We have finished (in the production sense) our work on the publication of a DVD with full visuals for the band MEDICO PESTE

The release date has not yet been scheduled.

The release date has not yet been scheduled.

The film for Leonard Wong is still at the stage of editing. I am struggling with the selection of appropriate narrative effects. Contrary to what I thought before, the project turns out to be more labor-intensive and complex than, for example, the previous ALCHEMY. Advice. Making fashion films based on a clear narrative and in the s-f convention without a proper hardware back end is quite a risky undertaking.

Saturday, June 30, 2018


As I mentioned earlier when writing about HOLY LUST, we come back with two new sessions using the same scenographic elements and characters.

The materials from the first photo gallery titled FRAGILE OBJECT will be used in the future for a short video appendix to LAST RESURRECTION.

The film material is very ascetic, the relations between the characters are quite unambiguous.
It was a somewhat aesthetic experiment of the new spatial layout.
A vertical arrangement of the main figure’s body. The participation of our friend with whom we have previously collaborated on PATIENT ZERO, as well as the still-unfinished part of the ADORATION cycle, combined once again the medical and sacral aesthetics.

This is how a new concept emerged worth developing and expanding in the context of body dynamics. The film is less stylized in post-production than, for example, HOLY LUST, or ADORATION mainly due to the use of a CCTV camera, with which color effects don’t work well.

For the second time we also had (previously METAMORPHOSIS photo session) the pleasure to cooperate with Delta Wenus, who represents an incredibly characteristic and strong visual value.
According to me, shown in these two realizations still in a very small degree.

I think that the formula you will see has probably been maximally used at the moment, at least in the space we have. In the near future, we will return to the aesthetics of tech and industrial, black costumes, analog glitch mixed with digital and 3D scanning.

Excerpts of the video's soundtrack:

Sunday, May 13, 2018


The long break in updating our blog was caused by the accumulation of projects that we either had to finish or only just started. As part of IF, there are also productions closely related to fashion. Among others we are once again producing a fashion film for Leonard Wong, which we shot last month in China.

Our activity can be followed on the following pages: tumbler, facebook and instagram.

In addition to two new films (since the last entry), there are several hundreds of photos from new projects, referring to older cycles as well as experimenting with new forms and spaces.

The last two films were made of footage, which was only intended to create conceptual galleries.

The first one, HOLY LUST, refers to the aesthetics of the ADORATION cycle. We decided to get even closer to sacral imaging, but abandoned the unambiguous symbolism (crosses, official clothes, specific saints). As I mentioned, the material was not intended for film narration, so it was quite a challenge to construct a visually interesting story. Certainly after we finish the last part of ADORATION, or at the earliest opportunity to collaborate with other people, we will come back to this subject, this time with the intention of making a video.

A similar story is related to the creation of POR/N/OISE 07. The material was made quite spontaneously last year during our stay in the USA. We simply had to take advantage of the circumstances of nature in which we found ourselves. We assumed that maybe something interesting would come out of it. It’s kind of our variation on slasher movie. The material was a bit too homogenous for a photo story, but was great for an experiment with form which we adopted in the cycle por/n/oise. If in the future we find ourselves in similar circumstances, we can do something more extensive.