Monday, December 26, 2016

NEW video and gallery online!

When we were going to Venice for the performance art festival a couple of weeks ago, we weren’t planning to shoot a film. We assumed that we’d focus on a photo session in the hotel.

I am a fetishist of different kinds of masks and I could not let go of this opportunity. Using these rather kitschy masks made sense only in Venice.

Venice on the one hand offers amazing locations, but on the other hand makes is extremely difficult to find some place deserted. I am writing here from the position of someone with a budget close to zero and poor technical support. Night shoots do not make is any easier. You always have to look for CCTV systems and people suddenly appear from behind a corner. Using the headlight also attracts too much attention. Also the bitter cold December night did not offer sufficient comfort.

But we managed to get a couple of great shots, especially in the hotel room and I decided to create a short video, using some old materials (from 2011), which due to the poor quality could not be used alone.

The experimental form fits the narrative that I’ve created in the cycle POR / N / OISE and can provide a pretext for a bigger project in the future.