Saturday, December 5, 2015

What's new?

Due to the many questions about the film BLACK LAB (featuring Proxy Paige), here are some news.
The film is still in post-production stage. There is only one person working on all stages of production. Due to shortages of funds, the production had to be suspended for a while. Right now we focus on short productions that will allow us to repair our budget and return to peaceful work on BLACK LAB. Unfortunately I am not able today to give an exact release date.

In the meantime, soon there will be two new videos:

Music video for UNCTO, the work on which has been going on for almost a year now and in which there will be some elements referring to BLACK LAB. I hope that this production will expand a little the universe of this extensive project.

Then, "ROOM 310" starring Jack Eles, Jessica Rispal with amazing clothes by MAJESTY BLACK and MONARC1. I mention this, because we get many inquiries about the project. Do not expect fireworks. Due to organizational problems, caused by the person who invited us to Paris, we almost had to cancel the production. But thanks to the help of many people (including the aforementioned) we were able to accomplish something. If you have enjoyed HYPNOS and ROOM 310, it will satisfy your appetite.

All video stills from pre-production phase.