Tuesday, April 21, 2015


1. IF is authentic art project. It needs no critique nor validation. It exists only within it's final form.
2. IF sets a clear domain within it's aesthetics: however it does not exclude opportunity for collaboration.
3. The body has no value outside of the picture. The body is part of the picture, the picture is part of the cinema.
4. It is not the sex in front of the camera that makes IF. IF is created in post-production.
5. IF is rhythmic. The soundtrack is equal to the image.
6. It is not the aim of IF to document, or re simulate that of an existing reality. IF creates itself as original against a copy.
7. IF is not a form of sexual lifestyle, exhibitionism or therapy.
8. IF does not promote, privilege or identify with any sole ideology or trend-based sexuality. Categorisation is autonomic only to viewers individual practices.
9. IF is act of resistance against current divisions in porn regarding gender, sexuality and genre biases. It considers such division as both archaic and tendentious.
10. IF works only with and for those people who refuse to assimilate to any traditional categories within contemporary porn.